We’ve Moved!

In light of expansion we’ve stuck to our Facebook page for the coming year: Portraits of UBC Facebook


Update for 1st term, 2010

Hey everybody, I have decided to end the project early this term as I have a lot of projects/essays/homework to complete for the final days of school (that and finals are coming up). Thanks to everybody who helped out by being in the portraits and everybody who took the time to check out the project.

Until January! and good luck with finals for those who have ’em!

Work hard, study hard, and play hard.


As it is currently final exam crunch time, the portraits has been postponed until further notice.

Also, a summer version of this project is under consideration but most likely won’t be as frequent as what has been happening since September. Check back every once in a while to take a look (assuming the summer version goes underway) or subscribe via email on the right. If the summer version does not end up happening, feel free to check back in September 2010 for next year’s version.

Until whenever, good luck on finals!