246th Day

A special post done with the Student Leadership Conference. If you’re interested in leadership in any way, shape, or form check them out here!

Question: What is your definition of success?

5th Year Science
Answer: Being able to go home at the end of each day and feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied with your accomplishments of the day

4th Year Science
Answer: Creating important connections with people to cause a group of people to get together and the ability to create change through the community that forms as a result 

4th Year Science
Answer: When you can say you’re the happiest you can be and achieve a goal that makes you happy 


3rd Year Environmental Science
Answer: It means something for everyone, it is a perspective 

3rd Year Environmental Design
Answer: Knowing that you met the standards you set for yourself 

4th Year Arts
Answer: Having a meaningful process and not simply an end product

1st Year Commerce
Answer: Doing what you love to do to the best of your abilities (and maximizing profit)

2nd Year Engineering
Answer: When someone comes and tells you that you inspired them or helped them do something 


One thought on “246th Day

  1. Tyler says:

    Hey, it’s Tarini!

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