230th Day, March 14, 2011

Question of the week: What was the last nice thing you did for someone?

4th Year Arts
Answer: Took my parents out for a really nice dinner last night

4th Year Arts
Answer: Editing Mark’s paper (guy above)

3rd Year Science
Answer: Walked back up a hill in Whistler with my friend because my friend didn’t want to ski down

Grad in Earth and Ocean Science
Answer: Took Nat (girl above) to Cirque de Soleil

4th Year Science
Answer: Bought lunch for her (girl below)

4th Year Arts
Answer: Bought dinner for him (guy above) and his brother

3rd Year Commerce
Answer: Bought Gatorade & chicken soup for my sick roommate last night

1st Year Science
Answer: Bought a marbleous cookie for my friend

2nd Year Science
Answer: Donated to the Japan earthquake relief fund

4th Year Arts
Answer: Approached someone, after class, who asked a question the prof couldn’t answer and gave them the source to the answer

Group shots:


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