181st Day, November 16, 2010

Question of the week: What is something weird that you have done?

2nd Year Science
Answer: Winning a competition that ended with a numb pinky for a few days

2nd Year Science
Answer: Breaking into a mental hospital

2nd Year Science
Answer: Drinking orange juice & milk mixed

2nd Year Science
Answer: Walking into a pole

2nd year Arts
Answer: Flying to Australia, booking a hostel, & living there for 4 months without knowing anyone

4th Year Arts
Answer: Eating a dish at Anton’s that was a huge portion and almost puking afterwards

2nd Year Science
Answer: Being a science student and auditioning for the opera voice perfect

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Taking someone’s tooth brush, scrubbing the urinal with it & putting it back in place

Gradate student in Architecture
Answer: Within one month of returning to England from Canada, I came back to life here

2nd Year Science
Answer: Packing my bag for no reason

Group shots:




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