180th Day, November 15, 2010

Question of the week: What is something weird that you have done?

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Knocking out my tooth

1st Year Arts
Answer: Going skydiving

2nd Year Commerce
Answer: Sitting on the lion on campus naked

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Sleeping on a beach in Turkey & waiting for the buses to run again

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Getting obnoxiously drunk on my 20th birthday and grinding with a larger woman who was not my type

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Getting locked out of my friend’s house at 2am & getting back in through an open window on the roof

3rd Year Arts
Answer: Seeing a double rainbow above the Disney Castle in Hong Kong on my last day there

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Giving advice to UBC students on how to massage squirrels

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Forgetting how to say “hello” in Beginner’s Spanish class

2nd Year Commerce
Answer: Dressing up as a Texan Oil Baron for my HR negotiations

Group shots:


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