91st Day, February 1, 2010

You may or may not have noticed that the photos this time have no watermarks. I have decided to remove them because I realized that they were unjustified and did not follow with the point of the project. These photos are not mine; they are everybody’s. Over time I have discovered how interesting it is just to view all the photos day to day and see the various faces. From here on, no watermarks. In my opinion the watermarks were a rather stupid move on my part and I hope those people in the previous photos containing watermarks can forgive my…selfishness? so to speak.

A new month, a new week, a new start.

Question of the week: What is something you think you take for granted?

2nd Year Arts
Answer: My family (in a good way)

Returning Arts student
Answer: My education opportunity

4th Year Arts
Answer: The cards that I was dealt

Unclassified student
Answer: Nothing

1st Year Arts
Answer: Being enrolled at UBC

Early Career Masters (ECM) Commerce
Answer: Growing up in the best place on earth

4th Year Arts
Answer: The opportunity I have in Canada

4th Year Commerce
Answer: My health

4th Year Commerce
Answer: Food & shelter

3rd Year Commerce
Answer: Living near the ocean (think of eating sushi in a land locked province!)

Group shots:


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