76th Day, January 11, 2010

I would like to say that UBC is probably umbrella capital. Looking at the weather report, I am going to have at LEAST a week where I will be taking photos in the rain. Fun.

Question of the week: What makes you happy?



3rd Year Arts
Answer: People smiling, gifts, red umbrellas, & hugs

4th Year Commerce
Answer: Shopping and staying with family

Unclassified student
Answer: Hot chocolate on a rainy day

1st Year Arts
Answer: Meeting new people & getting to know them more, learning new things, and participating in exciting events

4th Year Commerce
Answer: Feeling of accomplishment & friends

3rd Year Commerce
Answer: Music & singing

2nd Year Science
Answer: She makes me happy (girl below)

1st Year Arts
Answer: The sun

2nd Year Arts
Answer: Passing all my finals

3rd Year Arts
Answer: Being around those I care about (and not being in school)

Group shot:


2 thoughts on “76th Day, January 11, 2010

  1. kiefer says:

    nice pictures, I really like the way you call UBC umbrella capital, maybe it is also a good name of vancouver, lol anyway, a little suggestion, right now all of the portrait are taken above waist, maybe you could find more different if you take above from the shoulder, people are shy in front of the camera, in this angle coverage you could capture the different emotion of people’s face. just a little suggestion, have a fun and good luck,buddy

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