71st Day, January 4, 2010

First day of the project for 2010 and with that I bid you Happy New Year! It took a bit of getting used to to asking people again; school is taking some getting used to as well.

In the interest of time, I have decided not to put the answers to my weekly questions on the photos anymore. It is just added work and more time spent doing one thing instead of doing another. I plan on working harder during school, so whatever time I save helps quite a bit; believe it or not I do have an academic life :D.

This week’s question isn’t all that creative. Quite frankly, my brain is rather fried so coming up with a question at this point is difficult. Thus I am asking YOU the viewers of this blog to submit your ideas for questions to be asked each week. There aren’t really any pre-requisites except for: 1) simple question 2) something appropriate 3) a question that makes a person think for a bit (if possible). Feel free to put them in the comments section or email them to: rabi.sun@live.com. Thanks!

This week’s question: What are you good at?



1st Year Commerce
Answer: Martial Arts

4th Year Arts/Science
Answer: Putting myself to question

1st Year Science
Answer: Picking up girls

1st Year Science
Answer: Socializing

1st Year Science
Answer: Skiing

1st Year Arts
Answer: Getting people wet

1st Year Science
Answer: Sticking needles into tadpole brains

1st Year Land & Food Systems
Answer: Clearing my mind

1st Year Science
Answer: Drawing

Answer: Playing the flute

Group shots:


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