58th Day, November 25, 2009

Thank you to the following people for participating and allowing me to take photos of them. Again, it was a rainy day and it’s still a bother. Either way, good times and some good shots. The number of smiles on a rainy day is amazing (at least I think so). I think I shall start this little bit as well. This is directed at the people in the shots (just in case). If you would like a copy of your photo without the watermark, just send me an email at rabi.sun@live.com. Put in some info so that I can locate the photo easily =) (i.e. Day 25, photo # 3 or somethin of that sort).

Question of the week: What do you wish for?




3rd Year School of Architecture

2nd Year Land & Food Systems

Unclassified student (her description). A graduated undergraduate. Housing coordinator/director? for Vanier

1st Year Science

2nd Year Commerce

1st Year Arts

1st Year Arts

1st Year Arts

2nd year Arts

1st Year Commerce

1st Year Commerce

Group shots:


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