44th Day, November 4, 2009

Thank you to the following people who let me take photos of them. I apologize in advance if I have mislabeled any years/faculties and will promptly correct them if told. Today was great. I managed to actually see the infamous “upside down tree” on UBC campus. I also managed to take my first picture for my add on! From here on, I shall be taking group photos as well. Of course, individual shots stand out the best, so I won’t be stopping those. In order to get the group shot however, everybody must pose for a single shot >=). That way the intial point of thos project shall not be ruined. Just a note, the first photo is of my friend. He is NOT usually like this. In fact, he might kill me for using this shot but it’s worth the risk. Here are the photos of today.




1st Year Commerce

4th Year Arts

1st Year Graduate (Economics in the Faculty of Arts)

Visitor from SFU. I shall call her “she who must not be named” (yes I made a Harry Potter reference there).

2nd Year Commerce

Visitor from Emily Carr. Also into photography.

1st Year Arts

2nd Year Commerce

2nd Year Engineering

2nd Year Commerce

2nd Year Commerce

Group Shot:


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