32nd Day, October 19, 2009

 Thanks to the following people who allowed me to take photos of them. Again, apologies if I have mislabled any facutlies/years. Always nice to have a nice conversation going, no matter how short. Even better when something unexpected happens. For example, the last shot, he wouldn’t have been in a shot if his friend (the girl above him) didn’t run off and drag him along to get a photo taken. That made my day. Here are the shots of today:



1st Year Arts

4th Year Arts and (as he so called it) his “second victory lap” (if I recall correctly that is)

1st Year Engineering


4th Year Arts

1st Year Science

1st Year Science


3 thoughts on “32nd Day, October 19, 2009

  1. Tansy Garvey says:

    Hey Rabi! Haha (: I (the girl who made your day) look really hideous I this picture >.<

  2. Rabi says:

    I personally think you look fine, but that’s sad to hear =(



    • Tansy Garvey says:

      Haha, but the colors are gorgeous! I saw the other pictures you had on Flicker and they are awesome! Way to go Rabi!

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