16th Day

Today was a good day. I met friendly people, got into some interesting conversations, and was told the option of stock photos. If you don’t know what “stock photos” are, just do a quick google search. I want to tell you, but I don’t know the full details about it myself. I also learned that in the Irving K. Barber Library/place/thing there is some kind of a mechanical device that grabs stuff from the archives and you can actually see it from outside because there are windows….weird stuff.  Speaking of weird, asking someone for a portrait photo can be a bit weird. I mean really…how often does that happen? Though, most of the time, once you explain yourself and what you’re doing most people are ok with it. Heck, some people even think it’s cool. Sweet stuff. Anyway, where was I? Today was a good day. My last shot of the day was of a friend from high school. Good stuff. Also, a girl named Heidi (5th photo if you’re curious) offered to design some cards for me. Props to her for offering, and I really appreciate it.



One thought on “16th Day

  1. heidi says:

    haha! interesting people indeed ^_^
    nice stuff

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