10th Day

Well, I’ve managed to keep this project going for 10 days now. So far I have 70 shots of people and one of a squirrel; doing some math, I am averaging 7 shots a day. So far, I’ve taken the shots near the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the and the Walter C. Koerner Library. I need to move around and try getting shots from other spots on campus, but that shall come soon if not later. So far, I have met very interesting folks and I have met some long lost friends (if there is a better term, I don’t know it). As a first year, the campus should feel pretty big, but to be honest it’s actually very small as I have met friends from various high schools just walking from class to class. Anyway, without further adieu the shots of today (thank you to the following people who said yes to the odd request):


One thought on “10th Day

  1. James says:

    hey, just wanted to let you know I like the idea. Also, could you send me those action shots of us playing hacky sack? email address is playen100@gmail.com.



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