19th Day

 Today was a pretty ridiculously rainy day. I wanted to just not do the shots as water + electronics tend not to mix well but I did end up doing them. Thanks to the folks who allowed me to take the following shots. It was raining at the time and it was pretty cold, but they were friendly about it. I apologize in advance if I got any of the Faculties/Years wrong.


First Year Law

First Year Law

5th Year Arts

First Year Arts

3rd Year Law


18th Day

So as you may have noticed, I’ve gotten back to puting in the years and/or Faculties each of the people are in. I do this based on memory, so if some are incorrectly labeled, completely my fault. Lovely mix of faculties this day and having done this in the morning, the rain didn’t get in the way (not that I would have minded as cloudy weather makes for great people photos =) ). Thank you to the following people who agreed to let me take shots.


3rd Year Science

3rd Year Science

First Year Arts

First Year Science

Faculty of Music

3rd Year Arts

4th Year Civil Engineering

1st Year Arts

16th Day

Today was a good day. I met friendly people, got into some interesting conversations, and was told the option of stock photos. If you don’t know what “stock photos” are, just do a quick google search. I want to tell you, but I don’t know the full details about it myself. I also learned that in the Irving K. Barber Library/place/thing there is some kind of a mechanical device that grabs stuff from the archives and you can actually see it from outside because there are windows….weird stuff.  Speaking of weird, asking someone for a portrait photo can be a bit weird. I mean really…how often does that happen? Though, most of the time, once you explain yourself and what you’re doing most people are ok with it. Heck, some people even think it’s cool. Sweet stuff. Anyway, where was I? Today was a good day. My last shot of the day was of a friend from high school. Good stuff. Also, a girl named Heidi (5th photo if you’re curious) offered to design some cards for me. Props to her for offering, and I really appreciate it.


13th Day, 13 shots.

They say 13 is an unlucky number. I disagree. It’s just a number really. It’s day 13 and I have exactly 13 shots. Quite frankly, this is a huge conincidence. The following shots are of first year Commerce students who are running for CUS 1st year rep. positions. In essence, it is like a student council that is specifically for Sauder (aka commerce). And here they are: